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Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove is an adventure-puzzle casual game developed by Big Fish Studios, and distributed by Big Fish Games. It is the sixth installment in the Mystery Case Files series. The game is available exclusively at Big Fish Games website.


In the fall of 2009, four graduate students traveled to a small township near Blackpool, England. They were never heard from again. The player arrives at Dire Grove, and begins searching the premises. As the player continues, they find the students car and find out that the students have left video tapes around Dire Grove. The player can watch and learn more about what happened to them. After that the player learns more of the legend of the Banshee. Then the player will eventually find each of the students one by one, frozen in suspended animation.

Later on after finding the entrance to the portal, the player finds out that the students have woken up, possessed. The player then find them doing the ritual to bring the Banshee back and then you, the detective, jump into the portal to stop the legend. The detective discovers the corpse of a woman sacrificed long ago whose spirit is the Banshee. After combining items representing the four natural elements of the Earth and mercury, the Banshee is forced back into her body as she screams and grabs at the Master Detective. The detective steps out of the portal before it closes. The story ends showing one of the students doing a report on their findings. Then a reporter asks if they can tell them who was 'the Good Samaritan' that helped the students. The student said "That person has asked to remain nameless, but I can give you their business card". She then holds up the business card showing the Mystery Case Files Logo, and the credits start.

Mobile Version Ending Edit

In the mobile version, instead of the Banshee grabbing at the Master Detective, her body regain flesh and she smiles at the detective as she disappears.


Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove was announced October 30, 2009 by Big Fish Games on their blog with slim details and an additional screenshot from the game. Mystery Case Files had posted a sizzle reel of Dire Grove on the main page of their website on November 10, 2009.[1] This led to a lot of speculation a few days later and many users posted comments on a Big Fish Games Dire Grove forum.[2] On November 17, 2009, Mystery Case Files revamped their website to promote the upcoming release. Release dates, deeper plot details and more screenshots were released the same day. Also an official trailer was posted to help promote the standard edition as well as the Collector's Edition.[3]

Collector's EditionEdit

Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove was released on December 11, 2009, however a "Collector's Edition" was launched on November 25, 2009 exclusively for Big Fish Game Club members.[4] The Collector's Edition includes additional gameplay, levels and achievements; an integrated strategy guide; and behind the scenes artwork and videos. Whilst collector's editions are common amongst "core" PC games, Dire Grove is the first such example amongst casual games.[5]


In the Collector's Edition of Dire Grove, there is bonus gameplay and at the end of the game, you have to use the phone number that you calculated and dial it on the telephone and a message is spoken.

"Well, hello again detective, nice of you to drop by. I would have stuck around for a chat but the weather seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Feel free to make yourself at home, but I wouldn't dally if I were you. The man with the icky bird has been very busy in the dark. There is something he would like to show you. Clicky, clicky detective. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise."

A seventh game was released in November 2010, but it was 13th Skull and it was the eighth game in the series, Escape From Ravenhearst, that continued the Ravenhearst storyline.


  • This game has references to The Blair Witch Project
  • Celtic Mythology is heavily used in this game

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