Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull is the seventh installment of the Mystery Case Files franchise and had its first release on November 25, 2010, as a Collector's Edition. It follows the disappearance of Marcus Lawson after moving into a creepy mansion in Louisiana. His daughter, Magnolia, believes her father was kidnapped by the ghost of a vengeful pirate seeking to protect his lost fortune.


The seventh installment in the MCF games does not directly follow the Ravenhearst story arc. It revolves around the Master Detective's investigations on a missing man in Louisiana.

Plot (Contains Spoilers)Edit

The detective goes to Louisiana in search of a missing man, believed by his daughter, Magnolia, to have been taken by a ghost. 

The detective searches for clues only to find out that he is just being manipulated by the family all along to discover and unlock the hiding place of the treasure of the pirate named Phineas Crown.

In the end, the family drowns in water as they are attacked by Phineas Crown's ghost. The reason as to why the detective was spared death, is unconfirmed so far.

In the bonus play of the Collector's Edition, the detective, after witnessing the death of Magnolia's family, moves on to discover that there really is a stash of treasure hidden inside Crown's ghost - pirate ship. The detective uses the skulls of Crown's thirteen crew members (whom he allegedly betrayed) to bring them temporarily to life and attack his ghost. 


As the player goes through the game, the point-and-click feature still appears, and the hidden-object scenes as well. One interesting feature is that the player can "talk" to people in the game by clicking options.

Other things worth noting is that the Crime Computer is gone now, replaced with just a bar with HINT written on it, which loads relatively fast.

Also, the player needs to complete objectives before other characters in the game can talk to the detective to progress in the story.